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OHL DESIGNERS, a design and build consultancy firm offering services in 3D Dimensional creative and artistic works to undertake all avenues of decorative electrical and Floral Floats design, sculptures, artificial rockscaping and water features, aquascaping, zoological Hardscape, museum and Gallery works, creative Landscapes, interior and exterior deco etc. Including provision of consultancy services related thereto.

OHL DESIGNERS is a name to be familiar with floral floats design and production, competitive or non-competitive and the highest award winners in floral float parade industry in Malaysia.

For the past 18 years, we have been involved in all National Floral Float parade competitions either at state or national level, time and again we are the recipient of Premier, Creative, Theme and other major awards.

OHL Designers is a dependable Float builder in Malaysia and is highly considered the leader in both design, builds, floral application and animatronic creations to surpasses all other float builders.

During the past ten competitions, OHL DESIGNERS has achieved 6 consecutive premier trophies, 2 creative trophies, 1 theme trophy and 1 jury trophy. With more than 30 years experience in designs and innovation, Ong has a group of qualified and talented teams under his wings.

Under Ong’s creations and the artistic interpretion, it has won the most awards either in Floats parade or other designs and artistic competitions.

Ong studies the art of floral float making under the guidance of Mr. Ross and his partner, the design and engineering consultants of charisma Designs Consultant which is one of the most reputated floats building company in Rosebowl parade base in Pasedena, California USA.

The Floral Float was introduce to Malaysia in 1991 in conjunction with the Malaysian Floral Festival and is the such parade ever organised in South East Asia.

Our firm, its creative consultant and state designer of Penang State Floral Float Committee, Ong Hock Lye has proven track records of projects in achieving regional, national and international acclaims. He has won numerous awards for an outstanding artistic and highly imaginative creations.

Many competitions at state, National and international levels have been won and with a list of high profile portfolios, we are confident of undertaking more expansive and challenging projects in view of our consolidation of necessary resources to achieved this stature.

Within the next context of these presents, we disclosed in comprehensive details the various projects that have been undertaken by us either directly through our firm or via our associated companies.

To ensure its competitive edge, OHL DESIGNERS has an experience team of professionals and specialist in its fields.

What stand does OHL DESIGNERS provide for their clients?
Quality is our top priority. We provide ideas, designs, time saving execution and production of projects, an important factor in design, building renovation and construction industry that benefit clients.


Mr. Ong Hock Lye P.J.K. - He has been accredited with many commendable achievements throughout his more than 30 years of endeavour in the realms of commercial advertising and artistic-creative pursuits. He has won numerous international and world acclaims through his ingenious and meticulous works of artistic and aesthetic presentations. (More Details)

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