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OHL DESIGNERS, a design and build consultancy firm offering services in 3D Dimensional creative and artistic works to undertake all avenues of decorative electrical and Floral Floats design, sculptures, artificial rockscaping and water features, aquascaping, zoological Hardscape, museum and Gallery works, creative Landscapes, interior and exterior deco etc. Including provision of consultancy services related thereto. (More Details)

Mr. Ong Hock Lye P.J.K.
Mr Ong Hock Lye has been accredited with many commendable achievements throughout his more than 30 years of endeavour in the realms of commercial advertising and artistic-creative pursuits. He has won numerous international and world acclaims through his ingenious and meticulous works of artistic and aesthetic presentations.

At the age of 17, his works in forms of batik painting, water color and Chinese brush paintings have been selected to exhibits by the Penang State Museum from 1974 until 1975 when he retired as a full time artist to persuits his career.

Mr Ong began his career at Craft Batik Sdn Bhd as a chief designer where he is responsible in the pursuits of art forms and handicrafts with a batik craft and printing concern in the State of Penang. His introductory endeavour entailed production of exotic and intricate batik painting and designs including screen printing of textiles and other mediums catering to both the domestic and international apparel and souvenirs' markets.

Subsequently, Mr Ong ventured into the arena of porcelain sculptures and pottery-making apart from producing other works of art from the ceramic medium. Through his innovative blend of ceramics, he had designed some of the finest pieces of porcelain and pottery works and had similarly impressed many discriminate collectors with his personally treasured productions. Besides, he had also amassed vast experience in porcelain effigies, statues, busts, statuettes and idols of ethnic spiritual and legendary personifications.

Apart from the foregoing revelations, Mr Ong was also previously commissioned as the Chief Artist with one fo the renown international chain of beach hotels, the Shangri-la's Golden Sands Resort at Penang. During this stint, he evolved many master pieces using several mediums including butter sculptures and ice carvings. He had won many awards for his participation in competitions at national, regional and international arenas either representing his employer or under his personal capacity.

Confronting the need for a regular base, he ventured into similar vocations to establish the business in creative and artistic works to undertake all avenues of decorative electrical and flower floats, sculptures, Aquariums and Zoological Hardscapes, artificial rockscaping and water features, museum and gallery works, animation works, ice-carving, interior decoration and designs, and construction of theme parks for the young, elderly and all alike to savour. (Back)
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